Born September 1976, in Toronto Ontario. My first paint job was around the age of 3 or 4, on a Volkswagen Bug. I rolled the paint on with a roller, not only the body, but the windows, lights, tires, and trim as well….dad was not impressed! 
In my late teens I was introduced to an airbrush, which is when I began to explore this new form of medium. I am now a husband and father of 2, and the proud owner and operator of Resurrection Custom Painting, an airbrush studio in the Greater Toronto Area. Through the years I created in many mediums, from acrylic, oil, water colour, pencil, pastel, ink, sculpting and airbrushing. With my love for art, I have created masterpieces on show quality cars, motorcycles, goalie masks, and canvases alike. 


Resurrection Custom Painting focuses on building and maintaining lasting relationships with its valued customers, by providing, detailed artwork and design, on almost any object imaginable.

Whether you can visualize a master piece or need my wild imagination to conjure one up. From vibrant eye catching graphic paint jobs, or highly realistic portraits and murals, it can be done through RCP!


With RCP's booking process, our average turnaround time is 10-14 days. RCP takes pride with our excellent customer service. We offer a free consultation, where we can go over all artwork and design, insuring satisfaction from all our clients. This can be done in person or telephone.